Smallest Countries In The World

Caribbean near the British and virgin US islands it has the reputation of being the smallest sovereign state within the Western Hemisphere in land and population it is also one of the first islands to have been settled by the Europeans when it came to American exploration and currently to date it operates with in common well rulz that’s right Queen Elizabeth number two is actually the head of state for this country and as of 2016 it is estimated that it has approximately 54,000 821 people and a land size of 261 kilometres square number seven the Marshall Islands located northeast of Papua New Guinea near the Federated States of Micron
Beautiful place with over one thousand 156 individual islands and an estimated population of 53,000 66 people this little island might surprise you because it is home to the world’s largest shark sanctuary coming in with an estimated two million seven hundred thousand to four million six hundred thousand square kilometers of protected waters and if one is to go shark fishing in the Marshall Islands they have to do a catch and release system and the Marshall Islands comes in at seventh with 181 point four three kilometres square number six Liechtenstein’s a nice little landlocked country settled within the heart of Europe not actually a country with sandy beaches but it’s pretty in its own way with its mountainous terrain.
Liechtenstein’s is known for its constitutional monarchy headed by thePrince of Legion Stein economically this country has one of the highest GDP s per capital based off of the purchasing power parity and for this GDP per capita according to the CIA World Factbook it’s number one in the world and as of 2018 that GDP was 98 thousand two hundred and thirty two dollars also this country stands out strong as having the lowest unemployment rate in the entire world coming in at 1.5 percent keep in mind that is coming from a country that has a population of 38,000 111 people and despite its population size there may be something to learn from this country but as for Liechtenstein’s land size it comes in at 160 kilometres square number five San Marino.