Incredible Facts About Finland Airforce

The Finnish Air Force may be smaller to other Air Forces our the world such as America China Russia and Germany and others but the truth of the fact is these pilots are trained to be some of the best of the best and they are so good that forces from around the world can learn a thing or two from them as they were always having multinational training with this particular force
talking about why people in Finland or soldiers and Finland are known as Yeager’s really cool stuff that you guys should check out but for this video because a lot of people have been asking for more Finland military articles.
let’s get started shall we so the Finnish Air Force is known as in my voice Matt in Finnish or flick vApp net in Swedish and the reason we have to say these two is because Sweden and Finland have got an amazing bond between their militaries and have even trained together for years so for the EM I’ve.I’m at the Finnish Air Force it is one of the oldest air forces in the entire world believe it or not and that is related to every country in the world because it has been operating without any form of interruption since it was introduced on March 6 1918 and as for the mission statement according to their website they say that they have a responsibility for Finland’s air defense and air operations with the Air Force as
Its secondary mission the service supports other authorities and participates in crisis management so to get into an understanding of the facts of this great Air Force we got to kind of go back into history because you know in today’s world it’s much a different than it was back then but today wouldn’t exist without its history now although the Finnish Air Force has had a history before 1918 back in 1917 and prior the aviation of Finland was used primarily with Russian aircraft and most of the pilots were actually trained in Russia and during the first world war
Russia had several air bases that were within the country such as in places like Helsinki Turku and of course even Enma which I’m probably sure I mispronounced that one wrong so we’re just gonna excuse me on that one and with the Russian Air Force the first planes that were ever flown with the farman H F XVI maritime recon AC which was a 1915 craft there was also the farman M F point 11 maritime recon a C
1916 as well the shet Ihnen m9 maritime AC 1917 the Shenton an m16 maritime a c 1917 as well and the Shenton in 1917 m5 trainer AC but of course pilots didn’t always remain Russian trained.
Finland began to really kind of remove itself from Russia’s influence and became its own thing and historians state that on February 25th of 1918 the first pilots to come to Finland officially were from Sweden and to back that up the first commander of the official Finnish Air Force was John Allen high gurth who was born and ärmland Sweden on July 25th, 1885 and as well he became the commander of the Finnish Air Force on March 10th 1918 which was actually only four days after the Finnish Air Force got founded now one thing that’s really funny about John Allen high girth is he wasn’t the commander for very long because he was a very unstable sort of guy and he actually got into a lot of accidents which eventually resulted in him being replaced by a German named captain Karl